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  • Tatiana


Early mornings are my favorite. I love the way light transforms everything it touches around the house. The crystal sparkles, the colors in plants look brighter, the art on the walls takes a living form almost. Somehow the light washes through everything giving it a magical look while simultaneously revealing its true condition. The dust under the bar cart waves hello as well as the fingerprints on the glass of our wedding picture frame. Our little dog isn’t immune to this magic as she too seeks the rays and lies in the same spot by our bedroom window to sunbathe; this is my favorite part. Watching her peacefully breathe under a warm blanket of rays somehow makes me feel like everything is going to be alright after all. I sit next to her and let it wash over me. Unexplainably, I feel the black and white state of my mind slowly transform with each breath. My energy grows stronger as my breath swirls in and out of me in a playful gust of colors. I hold the beauty of this moment close to my chest and thank the universe for the day ahead. If sunshine can be reborn after the darkness of night, so can I.